Julen Baz

The farmhouse revolution

By the hand of Julen Baz

A gastronomic proposal that draws on the foundations of our cuisine: good produce, hot coals, broths and stews to transform our gastronomic tradition into innovative dishes, full of freshness and identity.

Garena has two spaces that offer two different gastronomic concepts, to enjoy in different environments and occasions.

Garena menu

Discover the pillars of Garena in this gastronomic experience. A journey through time of more than 500 years in which tradition, respect and flavor come together to transport you to the way of life in the farmhouses.

15 passes, each one tells a unique story of our land.

Wine pairing: 60€
Non-alcoholic pairing: 30€

Gurea menu

11 passes

Wine pairing: 60€
Non-alcoholic pairing: 30€

Only available for the whole table. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
Maximum 8 people.
Can be adapted for vegetarians or vegans and people with allergies.