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Our cuisine

Garena has two spaces that offer two different gastronomic concepts, to enjoy in different environments and occasions.

Taska + Retaska

The less formal Garena

Available in the bar and terrace area.

A fun concept for summer evenings and weekends where you can have a bite, share, and lick your fingers.


Homemade food with a modern twist


Our specials available every day in the dining room. The most traditional concept is nourished by the basics of our food: grilled meats, concentrated broths and stews updated for our daily life, full of freshness and identity.


Start by sharing

Anchovies from Bermeo (8 pieces)
Iberian ham tasting
Terrine of grilled foie gras with our apple compote
Fried sea anemones with Cantabrian seaweed mayonnaise
Grandma’s croquettes
Grilled prawns (12 pieces)

Main courses

Octopus salad with brunoise tomato and Biscay sauce
King prawn cocktail, potato foam and micro-vegetables
Asparagus from Tudela stuffed with spider crab with seafood cream
Grilled foie gras with baby fava bean broth

With a spoon… and an egg!

Mushroom foam, low temperature Euskal Oiloa egg and truffled potato
Bilbao style ratatouille with low temperature Euskal Oiloa egg and potato foam
Garlic soup with low temperature Euskal Oiloa egg

Fish and seefood

Grilled cod cheeks
Grilled sea bass
Grilled hake with roasted peppers


Grilled mature beef ribeye
Grilled mature beef sirloin with potato pie and bacon
Stewed Betizu beef cheeks with potato foam


Experience new traditions

Discover the more daring Garena, with our special menu.

Geroa menu, a gastronomic journey through time, a concept for the most special days that spans 500 years of our history.


For the hole table only.

Geroa Txakoli

Betizu beef steak tartar cones

Baby fava bean broth with grilled foie gras

Rapini with stewed dewlap and Dublin Bay prawn

Chantarelle mushrooms grilled over fern embers with Euskal Oiloa egg


Hake in “green sauce”

Tiro a pichón (pidgeon)

Milk curd with nettles


Petit fours

Only available for full table. Reservations need to be done 48 hours in advance. Maximum 8 people.


No products in the cart.