Garena commitment

Commitment to Our History

We strive to innovate with respect for our common history, a culinary history nourished by our grandmothers’ cooking and the culture of the baserri.

You can’t move forward on solid ground without looking back and learning from those who have brought us here. That is how respect for our traditions and history forms the base of our identity.


Commitment to Products

We embrace local products and local producers. More than 80% of our pantry comes from very nearby, mostly the Arratia valley.

We have our own garden where we raise seasonal local varieties.

Commitment to the Environment

We take care of our local environment by using resources responsibly.

We have solar panels for generating our own power, and a charging point for electric vehicles, and we make our own compost with our day-to-day waste.

Commitment to Preservation

By raising our own Euskal Oiloak hens, we contribute to lengthening the life of our ecosystem as we know it. With this project we help recover and preserve varieties of animals at risk of extinction.

Gardena Manifesto

On 26/02/2024, we met with the community of producers and artisans who work to supply us with products and services to sign the first Gardena Manifesto. The text contains our philosophy and common commitment to ensuring the highest quality for all our processes, from the “seed” to the product that ends up on the table.

That commitment, and all the work that has been done, can be seen in an exhaustive AENOR audit process by which we obtained “Efficient and Sustainable Cooking Certification”.