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Garena Restaurant

Gastronomic innovation and tradition  in Biscay heart

Garena is a farmhouse located ate 30 kms away from Bilbao, in the middle of naure.

Ubicated in bettwen Gorbea and Urkiola Natural Parks from where guards Arratias Valley, this traditional building hosts our resturant and vineyard.


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Farmhouse = Baserri

forest = basoa / village = herria

Stories, recipes, and ancestral way of life have traditionally been transmitted through cuisine.  Garena begins a gastronomic journey of 500 years without leaving the Baserri (Caserío).

Cattle, orchards, land, mountains … A hard way of life about to disappear that we want you to know about. We are committed to recovering and transmitting our traditions through every dish and every bite, making our history known while enjoying our unique heritage.


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